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More than a Logbook!

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About NowLogit

NowLogit is a data & site management system with virtual logbooks. 


Online Logbooks

Either search or scan a Logbook Qr sticker to enter information. Fill out and hit save. All previous entries can be found on the app or on the main Pc dashboard. Pdf versions of the logbook can be downloaded with or without a NowLogit account

Search or Scan

Enter Information


Site Files & Backup

The backup service built into Nowlogit allows companies, engineers and end users to backup site specific information like zone charts, system device text and part numbers all at the click of a button. Making them available anytime, day or night. 

Upload any file type

Restrict sensitive files

All files available instantly

And more...

Callout Requests

Through the free customer portal and app, callouts can be requested. This sends the company account an instant notification. Callouts can be added directly to engineers calendars via the Tasks & Actions section.

Search or Scan

Select Request Callout

Enter information

Quotes & Invoices

Send quotes and invoices to your customers via the free portal. Link to your 3rd party accounting software

Create Quotes on site

Instantly send to your customer

Accept through NowLogit

Link to Xero & Quickbooks

Service Reminders

With Nowlogit you can add as many service reminders as required to a logbook. Reminders can then be shared with engineers and customers then confirmed when completed.

Add as many reminders to a Logbook

Share with engineers & customers

Mark when completed


Looking to go paper free? No problem simply scan the site logbook and select documents. In here you will find a full selection of documents and certificates that you can fill out on your smart device. (The registered company is verified before the certificates are available.) Once completed, you can download, email and print if required.  We also feature standard and interactive checklists with site plans or similar images that can be uploaded.  Site plans uploaded can be plotted with questions from the checklists created and an interactive image can be assigned.  Your created documents will add all your accreditations and company logo automatically.

Simply Scan

Select a Document

Fill out

Download, email & print if required

Tasks & Actions

Further actions from logbook entries can be turned into a task and assigned to an engineer or customer. Tasks & Actions can also be assigned directly to an engineer’s calendar. Locations and statuses can be seen on desktop and app

Create tasks from logbook entries

Assign directly to calendars

See locations and statuses

NowLogit Live!

NowLogit live uses gsm technology to connect you to your equipment. Connect nearly anything to the cloud for monitoring purposes.
Ideal for:
Weekly fire alarm test confirmation.
Monitoring the live status of you fire safety equipment.
Proof of testing.
Monitoring of Unmanned sites like plantrooms, water treatment plants and more.

See the Live Status 24 Hours

NowLogit Live


Join the other companies going virtual

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Account Types

Online Logbooks Only

£5.00+vat per Logbook Per Year!

Online Logbook

QR Sticker Design & Print

Free Customer Portal

Service Reminders

Weekly Callpoint Tests

Upload Certificates

Upload Site Information 

Pay up front 

Sign up now

Full Service Management 

£25.00+vat per month
Per Account

Callout Requests

Tasks & Actions

Custom Checklists

Interactive Checklists

Create Certificates 

Create Jobsheets

Quotes & Invoices

Reports Export

Fully run your service business

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All our dedicated servers are hosted in the uk

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Here are some of the most asked questions. If your question is not listed, then please get in touch with us via the contact form below

  • What if i have no internet when trying to scan a logbook?
    If you are unable to connected to the server in that location, then you can manually search for a logbook on the app and enter a logbook entry when you do have internet :)
  • What happens to all the data that i enter?
    All data is sent to a secure cloud server that is backup daily.
  • What if i don't want to use an app?
    All features are available on the desktop version
  • What happens if a new company wants to use an existing logbook?
    Logbooks can be transfered to another company with permission from the previous company
  • How do i change the logo's that come on the certificates?
    On the company account, go to "Edit Details" then select a main company logo and any accreditation's you want embedded on to the certificates.

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