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The Easy Way to Logit All!

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About NowLogit is a Virtual Logbook and Site Information backup system that allows the account holder and any authorised users of the account, to access and record entries on a Site's Virtual Logbook. 

Important site information such as: system configurations, device text, job sheets, service reminders, site certificates, action plans, part numbers or zone charts can all be added to the Logbook at the click of a button. 

NowLogit is an effective way to manage and maintain site information in the event of lost or damaged paper versions.

All entries to the Logbook can be accessed 24 hours a day, either by App or desktop for viewing or downloading into PDF version for printing or emailing and can even include your Company's Logo on your certificates. 

Your customers can also manage their weekly tests using the NowLogit system (once authorised by you, the account holder).

Designed and created by an experienced engineer with over 18 years in the Fire and Security industry, NowLogit can also be used by multiple industries, companies and organisations.

Security Logbooks

Ideal for fire & security companies

Fire Safety Logbooks

Ideal for fire, security and facilities management or anyone wanting to keep track of all fire safety records

General Logbooks

Ideal for Plantrooms, water treatment plants, facilities management & more


Logbook Entries

Registered users & engineers simply scan the logbook Qr code linking them directly to the site logbook and information. Entries are then made and backed up, making all the information available 24 hours a day! All details can be found instantly through the NowLogit Scanner, or manually via the app. All previous site visits and actions can be found, along with other useful tools, such as site locations, downloading of pdf logbook

Simply Scan

Enter Information


Site Files & Backup

The backup service built into nowlogit allows companies, engineers and end users to backup site specific information like zone charts, system device text and part numbers all at the click of a button, making them available anytime, day or night. Nowlogit is a storage database that can be used to refer to or retrieve all on site data (including unmanned sites) in the event of lost, misplaced or illegible paper log book entries.

Zone Charts & As fit drawing

Part Numbers

System Configurations

And more...

Service Reminders

Add Service reminders to the Site's logbook. Reminders can then be shared with engineers and marked when completed.

Add as many to a Logbook

Share with engineers & users

Mark when completed

On site certificates

Forgot to take the certs to site? No problem, simply scan the site logbook and select certificates. In here you will find a full selection of certs that you can fill out on your smart device. Once completed, you can download, email and print. (Engineer access only) The Certificates are then embedded onto the logbook, so any users or engineers attending site have full access to original system documentation! (The registered company is verified before the certs are available.)

Simply Scan

Select a Certificate

And fill out

Download, email & print



Meet some of the team

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How it works?

Fire Safety Logbook Video

Security Logbook Video

General Logbook Video

Prices per Logbook

Security Logbook

£4.99+vat /per annum

  • Security System Logbook
  • Site Files & Backup
  • Service Reminders
  • Allow Engineer Access to Logbooks
  • Create Handover Checklists
  • Auto Update of New Features
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Fire Safety Logbook

£4.99+vat /per annum

  • Fire Safety Logbook
  • Site Files & Backup
  • Service Reminders
  • Create & Upload Jobsheets
  • Allow Engineer & User Access to Logbooks
  • Create Certificates*
  • Auto Update of New Features
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General Logbook

£4.99+vat /per annum

  • General Logbook
  • Site Files & Backup
  • Service Reminders
  • Upload Jobsheets
  • Allow Users Access to Logbooks
  • Auto Update of New Features
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Files Backed up


Logbook Entries



Here are some of the most asked questions. If your question is not listed, then please get in touch with us via the contact form below

  • What is i have no internet when trying to scan a logbook?
    If you are unable to connected to the server in that location, then you can manually search for a logbook on the app and enter a logbook entry when you do have internet :)
  • What happens to all the data that i enter?
    All data is sent to a secure cloud server that is backup daily.
  • What if i can't download the app on my smart device?
    The app is available for all iPhone & Android platforms and has been tested on around 20 different models. But if you are unable to download and use for any reason then all logbook entries can be entered via the desktop site. Simply click the "View Logbook" tab then find the logbook required, then click on add an entry.
  • Can a company account make a logbook entry?
    No, only user & engineers can add logbook entries.
  • How do i change the logo's that come on the certificates?
    On the company account, go to "Edit Details" then select a main company logo and any accreditation's you want embedded on to the certificates.

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